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Perspective on the world

18 JUL

Lauren Stottlemyer—a recent OSU grad—came in this week to talk to the girls about her travel experiences. The girls [...]

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17 JUL

Nia is an energetic and charismatic ten year old. She is always smiling, offering to help someone out, or telling a funn [...]

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Board involvement

12 JUL

  We were surprised and excited to find out that the girls have collaborated outside of our sessions to talk about [...]

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Katherine, Destiny, Shelby, Taylor, Kyra

10 JUL

Katherine, Destiny, Shelby, Taylor, (left to right) and Kyra (not pictured) all teamed up to work on their projects tog [...]

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Problem solving together

03 JUL

One of the things that we have found in working on the projects is that the girls are afraid to share what they are doin [...]

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Lily and Stella

02 JUL

Lily and Stella are best friends who teamed up to develop their project idea. Last summer, these girls invented a "doggi [...]

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Miriam Abbott’s secret to success

29 JUN

Miriam Abbott—writer, professor, and personal trainer—gave a talk on being the best you can be to the girls. Miriam [...]

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25 JUN

Isabelle is an excited and determined young woman. When her first project idea didn't work out, she had no hesitation b [...]

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Lessons from the girls

21 JUN

Working with the Kids’ Club has already been an amazing learning experience for us in the three weeks we have been the [...]

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