IMG_4436Summer is one of the most helpful girls at her Toledo site. She is an incredibly positive young woman and loves to express her ideas. Although she is one of the youngest in the group, her maturity and responsibility is evident every day.

Her favorite part about 1girl is having the chance to solve problems. Summer is always up for a challenge, and she loves that 1girl forces her to think critically and creatively. The activity that most impacted her was when the girls had to act out some of the problems they see in the world and then develop ideas for solving those issues. She wants to use her creative problem solving abilities to solve real problems like that in her everyday life.

While Summer is kind and bright, she feels that she sometimes follows in other people’s footsteps rather than forging her own path. In 1girl, she wants to work on finding her voice and learning to be herself.

When she grows up, Summer wants to work at Sea World to help animals. In her free time, she loves drama and acting, and she thinks she is very funny! We agree!

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