1girl Skill: Goal Setting


by Kris Crews

Goal setting is one of the core skills we teach our girls. Here are some tips to stay on track with your own goals!

When it comes to achieving tasks, it can sometimes be daunting. Everyone deals with procrastination, but there are ways to help you stay focused and on the right track to what you’re passionate about and what you want to be committed to. One way is to start setting goals.

A study conducted by Harvard Business revealed some remarkable statistics related about goal setting and success:

– 83% of people do not have goals

– 14% have a plan in mind, but are unwritten goals

– 3% have goals written down

This study found that the 14% who have goals are ten times more successful than the population that does not have goals. And the 3% with written goals are three times more successful than the 14% with unwritten goals. The significance of these statistics are shocking. Something as simple as writing down your goals can increase your likelihood of success two-fold!

From personal experience, goal setting is phenomenal. I get the most satisfaction and best results when they are written goals. Writing helps affirm and clarify thoughts. Whether your goals are short term or long term, writing them down sets your subconscious mind to work toward your new desires.

Howard Litwak, author of article Goals Lead to Success on EvanCarmichael.com, points out that you will likely hit your goals if you have an action plan to do the the following:IMG_2347

– Provide solutions to all obstacles that stand in your way

– Have daily actionable steps to accomplish your solutions

– Set time frames on what gets done by when

These tips can be incredibly useful in the workplace and in the classroom. Those who are struggling with getting assignments done or feeling like there is not enough time can look to these three steps as a useful guide. When you’re stressed or overwhelmed, you often forget about the tasks that you have to do. Making a to­ do ­list will help you remember what you have to do and will you give you an accurate date or deadline of when it needs to be done. Seeing it all written out will relieve some of that stress, clear your mind, keep you organized, and ultimately give you more structure in your life.

Setting goals is the first and most important step towards achieving your dreams. The first simple action you can take is getting a planner to keep track of what you need to do and to help you write down your objectives. If you find that a planner doesn’t help, a calendar can be helpful as well (either a physical one or a Google calendar that sends you notifications).

Another option is to confide in someone that you trust and ask them to be your accountability partner who encourages you and helps you stay committed.

These simple actions can help you change your mindset and increase your success.

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