Board involvement


IMG_1731We were surprised and excited to find out that the girls have collaborated outside of our sessions to talk about their projects. In fact, a group of five girls have teamed up to do a much larger project together! We are impressed that they are developing many of the skills that we are trying to teach—such as collaboration and teamwork—even faster than we expected.  Through our conversations, we have facilitated an environment of sharing, communicating, and working together.

It is fun to see how the projects have morphed and changed over IMG_1725time. Each girl started with an idea or two, and those ideas are developing, changing, and forming into realistic goals and tangible outcomes.

Our board member Krystal Geyer had the chance to come out and see all of this first hand this week! They each met with her one-on-one to talk about their projects, and Krystal offered suggestions and feedback on each one. It was a great opportunity for our board to get involved hands on with the work we are doing.

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