IMG_1743Nye’mah joined our program as a shy sixth-grader with little interest in becoming a leader. The very first day, she sat by herself listening to some music instead of getting to know the other girls and facilitators. In our first public speaking activity, Nye’mah wrote out her story and had one of the facilitators speak it for her because she was unwilling to speak.

Halfway through the program, a facilitator asked what she was drawing, and Nye’mah did not hesitate to explain that she was drawing a world without racism. Her excitement about her drawings became very prominent throughout the rest of the program. Soon she was talking in front of the class on her own about what diversity means and why it is important in the world. In the picture to the left you can see her and her drawings!

Nye’mah expressed great interested in fashion design and the arts, but is unsure about what future paths to take just yet. We are confident that she will reach any goals she has for herself, especially with her new confidence in herself. Support girls like Nye’mah today!

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