IMG_2377Ayanna entered our program as a timid seventh grader. She kept her head lowered and never raised her hand. The first time the girls practiced public speaking, Ayanna spoke with her notebook in front of her face. She was too shy to speak in front of the group any other way. You can see the picture of her with her notebook covering her face on the left!

About halfway through the program, she started to raise her hand. The career workshop opened her eyes to possibilities, and she decided she could Ayannabe a veterinarian. She did research on veterinarians, including how to prepare, years of schooling, and functions of the job.

One Monday, Ayanna stood up during a public speaking workshop and had to speak for three minutes. She spoke for the first twenty seconds, then completely stopped talking. She stood with a blank face the entire time.

On Wednesday, she came in determined. “Can I go first?” She asked. “I messed up. I know I can do better now.” And she did. She spoke with confidence and excitement. We were shocked–and so proud.

Ayanna is still set on becoming a vet, and we have no doubt that, with her new skills, she will reach her goals. Donate now to help girls like Ayanna receive the support and resources they need to reach their dreams!

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