IMG_4437Bella is a shy fifth grader in one of our Toledo programs. While she is quiet at first, once you get her to talk, there is no stopping her. She is very sweet and always willing to help others.

Her favorite part about 1girl has been talking about those people that she admires most. She loves having role models to look up to, so Bella lights up during the conversations about those who she admires. One of her other favorite activities involved music! She loves talking about music and sharing her favorite songs.

Her biggest goal for the 1girl program is to improve her overall leadership skills. She wants to be able to lead groups of people in order to make an impact!

Bella loves science because of the fun and interesting experiments they get to do in class. She loves all of the cool things you can do with science! When she grows up, she wants to be a news reporter to share information with the community and the world.

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