Camp Far East

IMG_2960We are very excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Columbus Recreation and Parks this summer. One of our programs was at their Camp Far East summer camp. This camp brings students together from all around Columbus, and it gave 1girl a great chance to test our newly developed summer curriculum. We worked with about 5-10 girls for 7 weeks, starting by working on our resilience pillar and concluding the camp with a mini focus group and our pillar social responsibility.

The purpose of the focus group was to gain insight into what the girls enjoyed and learned. It also gave us the chance to quantify how much change the girls had been through in the 7 weeks we spent with them. The focus group helped us confirm the fact that girls enjoy activities that give them the opportunity to create something and that discussions help them understand the value of the activities.

Camp Far East provided the facilitators a unique opportunity to implement the curriculum on a diverse range of demographics including age, race, and socioeconomic status, which our research has shown are significant indicators of a girl’s trajectory. We are excited to learn from all the evaluations and feedback that we have received from the girls, facilitators, and site supervisor to keep developing the curriculum.

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