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10 APR

Rayne is a 6th graders who is confident and always enthusiastic. She is one of our girls who in the beginning was hard t [...]

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10 MAR

Nija is an energetic and friendly sixth grader. On any given day, you can walk into our program and you will see Nija in [...]

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10 FEB

Shavayah is a quiet and thoughtful 6th grader. She tends to keep to herself, but when she does speak up, we know to expe [...]

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10 JAN

Kimani is a 6th grader at Champion Middle School. When you first meet her, she appears to be quiet and shy but after get [...]

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10 DEC

Tealiah is a sweet girl with a lot of interests. She is very interested in learning about different cultures. Specifical [...]

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10 NOV

Amanda is a sixth grader at Champion Middle School. When talking with her, the first thing you will learn is that she ab [...]

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04 AUG

Reba is a caring and generous young fifth grader. We have consistently seen her show compassion, concern, and love for e [...]

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25 JUL

Katherine is a go-getter with a big heart. She has two projects--and both involve creating something and donating to a [...]

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17 JUL

Nia is an energetic and charismatic ten year old. She is always smiling, offering to help someone out, or telling a funn [...]

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