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Salvation Army Progress: Facilitator’s Point of View

29 JUL

by Kris Crews Thinking about people who inspire you, you may not think of a child first. But the young girls at the Sal [...]

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Intern Success: Corinne Murphey

20 JUL

by Kris Crews We love seeing women succeed, especially when it is a previous intern of 1girl. Corinne Murphy has take [...]

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Critical Thinking Is Critical For Girls

14 JUL

by Kris Crews When it comes to achievement or taking steps to understand things better, critical thinking could not be [...]

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An Incredible Leader: Asia Newson

08 JUL

by Kris Crews We love spotlighting young girls who are doing amazing things! Meet Asia Newson. This 11-year-old “k [...]

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1girl Skill: Goal Setting

01 JUL

by Kris Crews Goal setting is one of the core skills we teach our girls. Here are some tips to stay on track with you [...]

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An Incredible Leader: Kirsten Chavis

20 JUN

We often think that those of an older generation are leaders, but who said a young girl can’t be one, too? Kirsten Cha [...]

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Pollination Project – LA

15 JUN

by Kris Crews We are excited to announce that we have received funding to begin expanding the 1girl program into the Lo [...]

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Salvation Army Program!

11 JUN

By Kris Crews This week kicked off the start of our facilitating at the Salvation Army with an amazing group of girls! [...]

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Orgs We Love

08 JUN

Here at 1girl, we admire and compliment other organizations that are doing great things to help girls and women become l [...]

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