First week with Kids’ Club!

IMG_1513Our first week with the Kids’ Club girls was better than we ever could have predicted! Their energy and excitement for what we are doing was inspiring! We have about 10 girls, ages 5-11, who are participating. We spent day one talking about who we are and what we like. The IMG_1502girls have a huge range of interests—math, turtles, riding horses, insects, roller coasters, babies, sewing, snakes, tae kwon do, and more! They had a great time finding out what they all had in common, too. Almost all of them like swimming and spending time with family. It was clear they all like art, too, based on the drawings they made for their name tags!

At the end of the session, we introduced the idea of the project to them. This project can be anything they want it to be, and we will help provide the resources to make it happen. They already had some great ideas! Three girls want to create and put on a puppet show together, and one girl wants to make a nature book. We are thrilled to see that they are eager to get started and already have ideas flowing for the project.

On the second day, we talked about things that make us unique. There were a lot of things that made IMG_1507each girl unique—being an only child, having pet ferrets, speaking two languages, and having two different colored eyes. They really enjoyed that they had the chance to learn more about each other, and at the end, each girl shared something that she had learned about somebody else in the group.

After that, we talked about future careers and got a lot of different responses. Many of them changed their minds in the course of the conversation (as expected), but others knew exactly what they wanted IMG_1498to be. For example, Taylor knows she wants to be a physical therapist because her mom is an occupational therapist. Shelby, on the other hand, couldn’t decide if she wanted to be an artist, a professional softball player, or a graphic designer. Other ideas we heard were jockey, author, Olympic gymnast, doctor, and Polish teacher!

We could not have asked for a better group of girls or first week. We are looking forward to all this journey has in store for the girls and us! We will keep our blog, website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter updated with the latest news on how the pilot is going! Stay connected to hear more good news soon!

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