Facilitator View – Meghan’s Experience

IMG_6028Going into my first 1girl programming session, I was nervous because I did not know exactly what to expect. I had heard stories from previous facilitators, so I had an idea, but I knew that my experience as a facilitator would be unique depending on the girls that attended my program. As my fellow facilitators and I entered the Boys and Girls Club, we were greeted by friendly faces and a willingness to help that made for a nice work environment. As the girls entered the room on our first day, some were timid while others seemed to feel completely at ease. The girls listened and participated as we took time to get to know each other. The girls were gracious as our first session ended, and my fellow facilitators and I happily looked forward to our next session where we would be watching the girls put on skits about solving problems they see in the world.

A few days later as our second session began, it was evident that the girls already felt more at ease and seemed excited to participate in the activity. After the girls had listed problems they see in the world, activity leaders were chosen and groups were formed to create skits. All three groups jumped into action and immediately began planning, acting and laughing as they sorted through various ideas about possible skits. They all did an excellent job performing and were respectful while other groups performed. The post activity discussion was active, with many girls ready and willing to express their ideas.

All of the girls I work with have been kind and filled with an eagerness to participate, which as a facilitator is heartwarming to see. Watching the girls participate and have fun is a rewarding experience, and I love being able to witness them working together and brainstorming ideas. Being a facilitator has been an eye opening experience so far, and I look forward to what new experiences I will have with the girls at the Boys and Girls Club.

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