First 1girl Committee Meeting

2014-12-119516.02.39We had our first committee meeting last week, and we are so excited to launch the committees! It was incredible to have more than 20 talented, passionate individuals who want to give back in a meaningful way through committee work. We know these committees will help advance our mission and work in Columbus and beyond.

Our committees include:

  1. Development Committee – The development committee assists with: corporate sponsorships; individual donors; grants; event fundraising; and other funding opportunities. The development committee will also have the opportunity to explore new potential fundraising opportunities.
  1. Events and Community Engagement Committee – The events and community engagement committee plans and implements events to raise funds and community awareness of 1girl’s work. The events committee will assist with the annual graduation ceremony, the annual fundraising gala, and other community events. The events and community engagement committee also raises awareness of 1girl’s work through marketing and public relations.
  1. Programming Committee – The programming committee ensures the curriculum is up-to-date and effective; improves the facilitator training; engages the community in programs; develops effective means of tracking program success; and plans for program expansion. The programming committee will also help assist with the planning of the annual graduation ceremony.
  1. Finance Committee – The finance committee oversees fiscal responsibility of the organization. The committee will assist with bookkeeping, accounting, budgeting, and other fiscal management. It is best that members of this committee have a background in finance or accounting.

We are very grateful for all of those who made a commitment to support 1girl by joining one of these committees! We cannot wait to see all that they accomplish. It is not too late to join! If you’re interested in getting involved, email Shelby at

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