First Week Challenges

1_4Our first week at Champion was definitely a challenge. Many of the girls did not want to listen or participate in the program. It was clear that they did not trust us. However, it was very exciting because we could already see the potential these girls have.

On the first day, we brought them candy, which they were happy about. We played a game where they picked their favorite color candy and had to answer a question based on that color. Even though the girls weren’t listening the entire time, they all came up to the front to answer their question when it was their turn. Despite this, it was clear many of the girls were nervous—fidgeting, head down, mumbling—when they had to talk in front of the group. Some did not even want to say their name, but they all did after some encouragement. After going through 1girl, we hope all of the girls will be able to stand up and speak clearly and effectively with confidence. 6a00e00997eeac8833010534b47993970b-800wi

Tuesday, we split the girls into three groups and had them each choose a book from a pile of books. We then asked them to work together to create a skit to demonstrate what the book was about. The activity was designed to help them work on their collaboration skills, creativity, and also have some fun in the first week. The girls seemed to really like it! However, moving around so much made them lose a lot of focus.

In addition, each girl filled out a leadership assessment so that we can track her progress throughout the program. Keep checking back for updates on how things are going with the girls as we move forward!

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