Geben Communication Supporting Female Leadership

Geben logo1girl is extremely excited to announce that Geben Communication, a highly respected and award-winning PR firm, is sponsoring our upcoming Graduation Celebration. Geben Communication, with elite leadership at its forefront, works to achieve its business goals while supporting women and girls in our community.

Geben Communication has both nationally recognizable names and eager start-ups on its list of clients, but its goals entail a broader worldview. Part of Geben’s mission is to use its innovative platform for good. It has worked with more than 40 nonprofits, and the organization as a whole strongly believes in the power of giving back. The word ‘geben’ even means “to give” in German, and they surely have lived up to their name.

Heather Whaling, Founder, President, and CEO of Geben Communication, draws on more than a decade of PR agency experience to lead Geben to success. Integrating traditional PR with forward-thinking online strategies, Whaling focuses on business development and client strategy.

This thriving and extremely successful entrepreneur is multi-faceted, however. She has a driving passion for helping those in need. Although Whaling humbly admits to loving discovering new music and cooking as well as being a die-hard sports fan—“I love it all, from baseball and football to tennis majors and basketball”—her passion for social good and making a difference in the community becomes clearly visible through her powerful, altruistic actions and words.

Her passion for achieving social good extends to multiple areas, including female leadership. Whaling has worked hard to become a successful entrepreneur and expert in her field, and she supports causes that encourage women. One way she does this is by serving on the Board of Directors for the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio.

View More: explains that the “ah-ha” moment that made her realize the valuable impact technology could make was a virtual food drive to help an overflowing homeless shelter feed hundreds of families. “Seeing the impact that social media had on the coalition motivated me to think more broadly about how incorporating technology into PR could help nonprofits and businesses generate more meaningful results,” she says in a Midwest Area blog post.

These meaningful results have not gone unnoticed—her expertise has been widely recognized and highly acclaimed. She is considered one of the most influential voices in PR 2.0 and has been named one of the top entrepreneurs in Columbus.

What’s more, she has helped clients secure coverage in various prestigious media outlets, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Huffington Post. “I signed a New York Times best-selling author in my first month, and haven’t looked back since,” she writes in her “about me” page on Geben’s website.

Whaling has been quoted in prominent publications such as, Entrepreneur, and BusinessWeek about technology’s impact on communication and business. Whaling was selected as one of Columbus Business First’s “Forty Under 40” and named one of Columbus’s top entrepreneurs by The Metropreneur. She also has been named one of the top 30 PR experts to follow on Twitter.

But she doesn’t stop there. She was one of five female bloggers to be selected for the “Heart of Haiti” economic development initiative by Fairwinds Trading and Macy’s. She was one of three social media correspondents chosen by Outback Steakhouse to document the 2012 Outback Bowl through social media.

Now, as the head of Geben Communication, she extends her altruistic attitude to sponsor our Graduation Celebration. By doing so, Whaling inspires and aids young girls to become entrepreneurs themselves or to achieve their own career goals.

1girl is thankful to its sponsors like Geben Communication, and is grateful for the help to empower girls and equip them with the skills they need to be successful. We are in awe of the many successful women like Heather Whaling, and we are thankful our girls have so many positive female role models to look up to in our community!

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