SONY DSCHaley is a sweet 7th grader in the 1girl program at Champion Middle School. She likes 1girl because of the social aspect – she loves that she is able to interact with her friends and the facilitators through all of the hands-on activities that we do.

Her favorite activities are the ones that allow her to practice her public speaking. She understands the importance of learning to speak in front of groups, so it is important to her to work on that skill.  Her goal is to completely get rid of her fear of public speaking and to become great at giving speeches.

Haley’s favorite school subject is reading, and she absolutely loves to read. For fun, she enjoys going to the library and browsing the books. It excites her to see all of the titles that are available!

When Haley grows up, she plans to be a psychologist. She loves helping people, and wants to be able to help people every day in her career.

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