Help 1girl with just an Instagram post!

The Columbus Foundation BIG-GIVEis hosting a competition where a non-profit will be able to win $2,500!! This is part of the Big Give, which gives away over a million dollars to non-profits across Columbus every year.

Winning $2,500 would be so incredibly helpful for 1girl. More info and rules can be found here, but the basic rules are:

  1. Anyone can participate by posting on Instagram from their personal Instagram account
  2. Use the hashtag: #BigGiveTCF
  3. The post should be a picture of why you support 1girl, with the Big Give circle in it (can be found here)
  4. In the circle, fill in what the big give is to you — it can be anything!! (Examples – the big give is “inspiring” “awesome” “supporting girls” — be creative!)
  5. Tag 1girl: @empower1girl

This can be any picture¬†that inspires you to be involved with and support 1girl! It doesn’t even have to be directly related to 1girl – just something that reminds you of why you support us. We are happy to answer any questions. It would be so helpful if you did this to support 1girl!

Hurry! The final winner is selected on May 13.

There is a winner each week, so the sooner you can do this, the better chances we have to win.

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