IMG_3644 IMG_3625Jackie is an energetic 6th grader who always comes into our program with a smile. She is talkative and friendly, and she always includes everyone. She participates in each and every lesson with a determination to learn and a passion to improve her skills.

When Jackie grows up, there are a number of things she wants to be: a lawyer, a veterinarian, a doctor because she wants to help people, a teacher, and a singer. Clearly, she has many great options and big dreams! We are confident she will reach any goal she sets with her dedication, drive, and enthusiasm for learning.

In our goal setting activity, one of the goals she set for herself was to skip a grade in school. Jackie excels in our public speaking activities, as her confident and outgoing personality shine through. Her favorite subject in school is math. She says she likes it because it is easy and fun!

We know Jackie will do great things in her life, especially after developing some of her skills in 1girl. Help girls like Jackie reach their dreams by donating today!

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