Join the 1girl Inspire Club

girl-champ-shavayahGet ready! Starting tomorrow, May 20, 2015, 1girl will be launching the 1girl Inspire Club. Along with it, we will be hosting the Inspire Club Giving Campaign from now through June 20, 2015. If you are passionate about advocating for girls’ empowerment, providing equal education opportunities, and inspiring students to reach their best potential – this is the perfect opportunity for you.

The 1girl Inspire Club is our way of saying thank you to our donors and supporters. Your generous support helps keep our programs running successfully and expand our reach. When YOU give, we are able to:

  1. Provide up-to-date curriculum materials for our 1girl programs;
  2. Support our college student chapters;
  3. Ensure our girls’ successful completion of our semester-long programs, and;
  4. Expand to new chapters and cities across the country!

Here’s how it works: CLICK HERE to join the campaign and sign up for the 1girl Inspire Club today. By signing up for one of our donor levels, you are pledging to support 1girl on a monthly basis. Our current donor levels are as follows:

    For just $5 per month, or 17 cents per day, you can provide the materials needed for one program.
    For just $12 per month, or 40 cents per day, you can provide leadership programming for a group of college women for a year.
    For just $21 per month, or 70 cents per day, you can put a middle school girl through our program for a semester.
    For just $42 per month, or $1.40 per day, you can put a middle school girl through our program for a year.

New members will receive a welcome kit, packed with more information about our organization and some cool 1girl merchandise. We will also provide our Girl Guardians, Dream Makers, and 1girl Heroes with a free 1girl t-shirt as a way of saying thank you for your commitment! Wear your 1girl t-shirt and merchandise with pride and help spread the word about the amazing work you are doing to help girls in your community succeed.

What if you’re already a monthly donor? Don’t worry, you can join the 1girl Inspire Club too! Just CLICK HERE to fill out this quick form, which will also give you the option of increasing your donation level.

Lastly – don’t forget to spread the word, and encourage others to make an impact in their community too. Use the hashtag #1girlInspireClub on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, to tell your friends and family about your support of women and girls.

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