Katherine, Destiny, Shelby, Taylor, Kyra

Katherine, Destiny, Shelby, Taylor, (left to right) and Kyra (not pictured) all teamed up to work on their projects together. They all wanted to be able to make a difference in girls’ lives around the world. They also are good friends and enjoy creating bracelets and key chains together. For their project, the girls are going to make and sell bracelets and key chains, raising money to donate to an organization that helps girls around the world get an education. So far, they’ve made almost a dozen bracelets. They submitted a grant proposal to us to fund materials for the bracelets. They are also setting up a website to sell the bracelets online! These girls are extremely passionate about what they are doing, and we are excited to see how their bracelet sales go soon. If anyone is interested in purchasing a bracelet, fill out the contact form or e-mail us at info@1girl.net.

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