KimaniKimani is a 6th grader at Champion Middle School. When you first meet her, she appears to be quiet and shy but after getting to know her, she has opened up and proved to be quite the opposite. She has a fun, outgoing personality and is very active in all discussions and activities during 1girl.

Kimani aspires to be a veterinarian. She loves all animals, but her favorite are dogs. She is certain she wants to go to college, so she will be focusing part of her project on learning about different schools that offer veterinarian programs, the number of years it takes to complete the program, classes to take in high school that might help further her interests, and volunteer opportunities that she could partake in now. Kimani also has interests in dancing and designing clothes. She would ultimately want to design a line of clothes and throw a benefit event where she could showcase the clothes, sell them, and have dance performances. She then would share her profits with a homeless center here in Columbus. For now she is looking to learn more about what it takes to design clothes and draw sketches. We encourage her to continue to pursue and discover more on all her talents and ideas.

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