SONY DSCKonstance is a 7th grader in our program at Champion Middle School. She always has a smile on her face and is doing her best to make everyone around her happy! She loves to be funny and make people smile.

Her favorite thing about 1girl is having the opportunity to talk with a group of girls about the great things that are going on in her life. They always start the program with a circle where the girls say something positive that is happening, and Konstance thinks that really brings the group together and helps them start on a good note.

Konstance loves the activities that involve writing stories. She finds it interesting to get to be creative and make things up, while learning about important leadership topics. She loves when she gets to use her imagination to create something new, and 1girl gives her the outlet to do that.

She wants to grow as a leader by working on being more helpful. Konstance understands that being a leader means giving back and supporting others, so that is where she is focusing her energy on improving her skills. It is also a natural gift for her, and by working on her strength, she is able to bring out her best, authentic self.

In school, Konstance loves math. She enjoys the problem solving and critical thinking required to figure math out. When she grows up, she wants to be a singer and a dancer. She sings and dances in front of the mirror for fun to practice!

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