Feedback from the last day

IMG_1934What a great end we had to our pilot program! We could not have been happier with our first program. This summer has been a whirlwind of experience for us—we learned a ton, worked with fantastic girls, and (hopefully) changed a few lives along the way.

On the last day, we asked the girls for some feedback on our program. We had an open and honest discussion about what they liked, disliked, and learned from 1girl.

They suggested making the program longer than two months. They also said we should have introduced the project sooner in the program because they think more girls may have been interested if they had known about it.

They all agreed they had improved their communication skills, specifically public speaking. Many also said they learned how to better be prepared, be confident, problem solve, and work in groups.

Staff from the Kids’ Club also had some feedback. One staff member mentioned that she noticed the girls were not as susceptible to stereotypes and judging their peers. She also said they were much more comfortable talking in front of groups. Regarding the project, one staff member commented that it was a great way for them to develop a variety of skills they didn’t know they had.

One parent said, “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this program. The model of the program you have built is nothing but inspiring to young girls”

Reba, a nine-year-old in the program said, “1girl is a great thing to have because of the way they IMG_1980encourage girls for their future.”

Isabelle, also a nine-year old, said, “I learned how to get confident in front of other people and know that even if people don’t like your work, stay confident in it and keep doing it.”

The Kids Club site leader, Brenda, told us, “Thank you so much for bringing 1girl to Kids Club this summer… this has been a really good experience for the girls. The 1girl team is awesome!”

We were very excited to get so much positive feedback from the girls, staff, and parents!

We are going to take what we have learned at Kids Club and improve 1girl to make it even better and more effective in the future. Specifically, we want to work on improving the quality of the daily activities, getting more parental involvement in the projects, and having a better system of evaluating improvement in the girls.

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