Learning About Values


by Savannah Slusser 

Loyalty, respect, family, and religion were just a few of words the fourth and fifth grade girls from Cassady Elementary School talked about last week during the 1girl program. The group of girls sat in a circle and took turns standing up and saying whether or not their given word was valuable to them and why. Many of the girls seemed wise beyond their years and gave great reasons as to why they did or did not value their word and the words other girls had. The girls had a great discussion about being nice to everyone and always being there for their friends and family.

A couple of the young ladies were shy and did not want to stand up and talk in front of the group, but with a little encouragement from the facilitators, they overcame their fears and shared their thoughts. Other girls were quite talkative and had no problem sharing their thoughts and feelings about what they valued most!

The message the two facilitators left with the girls was this: to be a good leader, you must know what is important to you and live your values. Hopefully these girls will always remember to hold on to their values and to use them when they encounter problems throughout life.

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