Lessons from the girls

IMG_1608Working with the Kids’ Club has already been an amazing learning experience for us in the three weeks we have been there so far. As we’ve said many times before—and we cannot stress enough—these girls continue to amaze us day after day.

One of the greatest concerns of our supporters (and ourselves) before we started the pilot program was that only some of the girls would come up with projects. Some girls, we reasoned, just wouldn’t be innovative or motivated enough. Not only that, but there was concern that the girls would not think nearly as big as we were hoping they would. We worried that we would not be able to focus on the abstract “project” nearly as much as we wanted to due to these limitations.

We were so wrong. IMG_1603

It is only week three, and every single girl has at least one idea already. Beyond that, every single idea is blowing us away in its creativity, originality, and scope. These girls are too young to be bogged down by thoughts like “that won’t work” or “I can’t do that.”

We assumed that, like many adults, the girls would be held back by doubt, negativity, and an inability to think outside the box. Yet, they have amazed us with all they have already done in such a short time.

IMG_1597We are so glad we have had this opportunity to learn from the fresh, inspiring positivity and creativity these girls have. We could all learn a thing or two from a group of kids like this.

Interested in learning more about their projects? Check out our homepage each week to see a featured story of one of the girls—her project idea, plans, goals, and more. We know you’ll be just as inspired and awed by their talents and passions as we are!

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