Lily and Stella

IMG_1641Lily and Stella are best friends who teamed up to develop their project idea. Last summer, these girls invented a “doggie umbrella” for a competition they were involved in together. They did not stop with the invention, though. They talked to store owners to see if they could get the doggie umbrellas in pet stores, and many agreed. They had t-shirts and business cards made to publicize their new invention. While they chose not to take it any further, that just goes to show the creativity and potential these two young ladies have.

For their project, they had many ideas to choose from. They considered continuing the doggie umbrella project, among others, but ultimately they decided to focus on another skill and interest of theirs – architecture. They both want to learn more about architecture and engineering, so they are using the project to create a world on the video game Minecraft. They already have the entire town sketched out and are working on actually creating it in the game. It is a great way for them to develop their creativity and explore an interest in future career paths!

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