IMG_3322Mackenzie (or Ken) joined our program as an energetic and fun fifth grader. She had a lot of great ideas and opinions on topics we discussed in our group but often kept them to herself because she was not as extroverted as other girls. When the class would get too excited about an activity, Mackenzie would shut down and keep to herself instead of contributing to the discussion.

 As the program progressed, Mackenzie began talking more with the facilitators and
the rest of the girls, 
and it was clear her confidence was blossoming. One day, the girls were creating skits that represented good and bad ways to resolve a conflict. Mackenzie volunteered to be the most dramatic role in both skits, and her performance excited the entire group. They received a large amount of applause after they were done.

Mackenzie is not sure about her future career but expresses great interest in giving back to her community in some way and improving the lives of her neighbors. We cannot wait to see what she will accomplish in her future! Help us support girls like Mackenzie by making a gift!

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