IMG_4438Mary is an outspoken 6th grader in the 1girl program with 1girl University of Toledo who loves to speak her mind. Since the beginning of our 1girl program, she has been confident in speaking her mind and sharing stories with the group. She loves that she gets to interact with so many different people during 1girl, and her favorite parts of the program are group discussions about the topics they are learning about.

Specifically, Mary’s favorite activities were the ones that involved skits and acting things out. She really enjoys being up on stage in front of people.

Her biggest goal in 1girl is to develop trustworthiness. She wants to be able to help others when they are in need, so she wants those around her to feel they can trust her.

In school, she loves math. Mary says math comes easy for her, and that she has always been good at it. In her free time, she enjoys playing basketball, and she hopes to become a pro basketball player one day.

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