Meet Alison Wachtman, 1girl Intern

Driven, hardworking, and genuine are just a few words to describe our new intern, Alison Wachtman. She is currently in her second year at The Ohio State University studying logistics, but she has already began laying the foundation for life after college.

This summer Alison has been focusing on a variety of projects for 1girl to help us grow the organization. One of her major duties has been reviewing our chapter guidelines and curriculum and finding ways for us to make things more concise. This is a huge undertaking and a critical component for aiding in the establishment of new chapters and improving the toolkit for helping all of our chapters thrive!

Alison has enjoyed learning about 1girl as an organization. She has had previous experience working with similar programs that mentored students but understands the importance of mentoring young girls in leadership and business development.

1girl is extremely excited to have Alison as a member of our team! Follow our blog to hear more from Alison and her experience as we close out the summer.

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