Metro Program Snapshot

IMG_5444by Savannah Slusser

At Metro Middle School in Central Ohio, a group of seventh and eighth grade girls meets twice a week for our 1girl program. This past week the girls focused in on the issue of bullying. Bullying is a major problem with girls in middle school and 1girl wants to show how detrimental it can be to the growth of leadership skills and self-confidence.

Each girl was given a clean piece of paper and told to crumple it up. The girls were then told to try and get the paper back to its original state. Of course this cannot be done. The facilitator then described to the girls that bullying has the same effect. Once mean things have been said to someone, they will not forget what has been said. The girls then shared experiences they have had with bullying. They shared stories of watching others get bullied and personal experiences. They also said how bullying made them feel and what they can do to help fight the issue.

The facilitators left the girls with a challenge: try to give two different people a compliment throughout the next week. They told the girls to be prepared to talk about how giving these compliments made them feel, and to also take note of how the other person reacted to the compliment. Young girls will become great leaders when they build up the people around them instead of making others feel bad about themselves. We are excited to see these girls as they are growing into the leaders of tomorrow!

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