IMG_4435Monica is by far the most outgoing girl they had at the Boy’s and Girls Club Toledo site. She is a 7th grader who describes herself as “really weird in a fun kind of way.” During our sessions, she loves when she gets to stand up to act or tell a story. It is clear that she enjoys being front and center with all eyes on her.

She loves 1girl because it gives her the opportunity to learn new things that she has never learned before. She especially loves role-playing activities and activities based on social justice.

In 1girl, Monica wants to become better at listening to others in order to make the best decision possible. She recognizes that, although she is the most outspoken, others have great opinions and ideas as well. She doesn’t want to let her personality make others feel undervalued, and she doesn’t want it to hold her back as a leader! We are thrilled to see how self-aware Monica is at such a young age.

She loves math because she finds it to be simple and easy. When she grows up, Monica plans to become a doctor because she loves helping people, and she wants a career where she will be able to help others every day. In her free time, Monica enjoys playing football.

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