NeneNene is a smart, energetic and friendly 6th grader at KIPP middle school. She loves to debate and express her opinion on things that are close to her heart. She is interested in issues such as education, women’s rights and bullying. At such a young age, Nene is already sure of what she wants to do. She is an aspiring lawyer, with plans to get into an Ivy League college. Nene has set amazing goals for herself; she is focused and determined to be the best that she can be and achieve all her goals. It has been remarkable seeing Nene’s growth process through our program. Her maturity and compassion to discover more about herself while also helping those around her is inspiring.

Nene contributed a great deal to the ideas for the “Stop Bullying” campaign at her school. She helped create and design the outline for the bulletin board which the girls prepared to spread awareness of physical, cyber and verbal bullying that was happening among their peers. Nene has proven to be a leader and great motivator among her peers. She has such a positive and driven attitude. We are so excited to see all that Nene accomplishes throughout her life as she continues to grow beyond our program.

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