Our Five Programs This Fall

IMG_3134We are very excited to be off to a great start with our fall programs! We are running 5 programs this fall – 4 in Columbus and 1 in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Our sites this fall include:

KIPP Academy – This program started 3 weeks ago, and it is going great! The girls are so much fun, and they seem to be enjoying the changes we have made to the curriculum since last year. Thanks to facilitators Shannon, Erika, and Sara for being role models for our KIPP girls!

Broad Street Presbyterian Church – This program started last week, and we have a great group of girls that we are working with. Broad Street is our smallest program, with only 4-7 girls on average, but the girls are incredibly committed and excited to be involved with 1girl. Thanks to facilitators Chineze, Alyssa, and Liz for leading this program!

IMG_3076__Champion Middle School – This program, which runs through After School All Stars, starts next week! We are so excited to be back with the Champion girls. This is our only group of girls who have already been through the program two times in the past. Thanks to Yuning and Nina who will be facilitating at Champion!

Columbus Collegiate Academy Main – Our new program this year! Starting in mid-October, we will be at CCA Main for the first time. The most exciting part? We are part of their extended school day! This will be the first time our program will run during the school day. We can’t wait to meet these lovely ladies. Thanks to Erin, Nicolette, Erika, and Kinzie for running this program!


Romulus Middle School – We started here two weeks ago, and it runs through the Bright Futures After School Program. This pilot program in Ypsilanti, Michigan is allowing us to test our expansion model, which will allow us to reach many more girls across Ohio, Michigan, and beyond! Thanks to Andrea, Houda, and Rachel for facilitating this pilot program!

Continue to watch for updates from these programs as the semester continues!

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