Our inspirations

It is exciting to see what all of our partners in this fight are doing to help bring education to every child in the world! We wanted to take the time to recognize some of the organizations that are doing great things and have been inspirations for us along the way.


Circle of Women | There is a local opportunity to have a global impact. (http://circleofwomen.org/)

Circle of Women is a group of students who are working together to help bring solutions to villages around the world.  Through community partnerships, they assist in developing and funding holistic solutions to challenging problems, getting to the root causes of why girls aren’t in school. It is great to see other college-aged students getting involved in this movement and having such a huge impact on so many locations.


png (http://womenintheworld.org/)

The Women in the World Foundation uses storytelling as a means to advance women and girls. By looking at both challenges and successes, this organization makes a powerful impact on women’s issues by raising awareness and understanding. Plus, they are always posting interesting and informative articles about what is going on in the women and girls movement all over the globe.


logo (http://www.shesthefirst.org/)

She’s the First has a focus on assisting girls in developing countries to become the first in their family to graduate high school. By using unique fundraising ideas, they have managed to touch the lives’ of countless girls throughout the developing world. Tammy Tibbetts, the founder, also managed to put together an awesome social media campaign that made all of this possible! A youngand lively woman, Tammy gave up a great job that she loved to take a risk on launching She’s the First, and it paid off. It is amazing to see stories of brave and caring people like her.


unicef_twitter (http://www.unicef.org/)

Where to start? UNICEF does an unbelievable amount of good for a variety of different causes, but they also have campaigns focused solely on education and educational equality. Everything from abolishing school fees to ensuring quality of education, UNICEF is anadvocate for the education children everywhere.




This organization is a feature file, Girl Rising, and a social action campaign. Through storytelling, they account challenges that women across the globe are facing. Check out Girl Rising, which was released March 7th, to understand the impact telling stories can really have.


gu_logoGirl Up (http://www.girlup.org/)

Girl Up has a clear goal: ensure that all women have the opportunities to become our future leaders. They help American girls become advocates and lifelong leaders that work with the United Nations programs to spread awareness and help other young girls. By placing trust in these young girls to serve at the forefront of this battle, Girl Up is helping to make girls the solution.


We wish we could recognize every organization that has been an inspiration to us, but there are just too many! We hope that these bits of information about these other organizations give you a glimpse into all that is being done to help in this cause and that you were inspired by some of the stories. Investing in girls’ education is a vital step towards becoming a world that values equality, education, and women. We could not be more excited to be joining these talented and impactful people in this fight for equality!

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