Partnership with Kids’ Club

We met with the director of the Kids’ Club today and are thrilled to say that we will be partnering with them for a pilot program this summer! Kids’ Club is a program put on by the Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center. Our program will be two days a week for two hours, and we will work with a group of 10-15 girls who will sign a contract up front to agree to participate. The girls will be between first and fifth grade. We will do activities, projects, and lessons very similar to the ones we plan to do in Ecuador (except in English). Our “challenge” component will be a major part of this pilot program, meaning that it will be focused on each girl finding a project that she cares about to work on. This can be anything that interests her that she would like to do! We are hoping they will come up with some fun and creative projects that will be useful for them as they move forward in life.

From the sounds of it, kids at the Kids’ Club have already had some very cool and innovative ideas in the past—one group of kids even designed a “doggie raincoat/umbrella.” We could not be more excited to see what our summer with the Kids’ Club has in store for us. We are looking forward to learning a lot and having a ton of fun, too!

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