Perspective on the world

IMG_1761Lauren Stottlemyer—a recent OSU grad—came in this week to talk to the girls about her travel experiences. The girls had lots of questions about her travels: What was the most surprising thing you’ve ever seen in a country? How do you pack to travel somewhere for six months? How do you afford to travel so much? Where was your favorite place and why? We had discussions about the differences between the United States and the places she has been, including China, Ecuador, Haiti, and more. She talked about her experience working in an IMG_1750orphanage in Haiti, and the girls were very interested to hear about kids in other countries. It was a great experience for them to get some perspective on the world around them. We hope to continue these conversations throughout the rest of our time with the girls.


Along with her travel discussion, Lauren also brought her camera to teach Isabelle—who is interested in becoming a photographer—about photography. They went and took a bunch of pictures for Isabelle to use for her final project. Lauren showed her how to use the camera, gave her some ideas of what she can take pictures of, and helped her practice taking pictures using different angles. We are so glad that Lauren was able to come and share her expertise with the girls.

The girls love having guests come in to speak and work with them. If you’re interested in volunteering your time to come in, fill out the contact form and let us know!

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