Pollination Project – LA

PollProjectby Kris Crews

We are excited to announce that we have received funding to begin expanding the 1girl program into the Los Angeles area!

1girl is quickly growing and learning as we go, and the Pollination Project is continuing their support of our work as we go through this process.

The PollinatiIMG_3391on Project is an organization that seeks to unleash goodness and to spread compassion to others. The organization makes daily seed grants to inspiring, up-and-coming social change-makers who are dedicated to a world that is less divisive and one that works for all.

1girl has recently received a seed grant from the Pollination Project to help support our work. We have grown exponentially since 2013 when 1girl was founded. Thanks to support from the Pollination Project from the beginning, we’ve expanded to eight program sites in Michigan and Ohio and four college chapters led by college women who volunteer their time to mentor the girls. With their continued support, we are now expanding to the Los Angeles, California area.

Our Executive Director, Shelby Kretz, has recently made the move and is ready to start a new journey for 1girl in Southern California. Here she plans on launching at least three chapters throughout Southern California. This will allow college volunteers to partner with schools, after school programs, and local community organizations throughout LA, giving support and attention to the girls in this incredibly high-need area.

1girl is excited for this expansion and is using this opportunity to give and show these girls that believing in someone goes a long way. Thank you for your support, Pollination Project!

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