Pollination Project Support

PollProjectA year ago, 1girl was incredibly fortunate to receive a grant from The Pollination Project, an awesome foundation that provides start-up funding for social impact ideas. This grant has allowed us to expand our programs and reach even more women and girls.

Their funding has allowed us to travel to:

Toledo, Ohio The 1girl chapter is thriving at the University of Toledo. A partnership was developed with Toledo Public Schools, YMCA of Greater Toledo, and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Toledo. The chapter members put on a school supply drive in December to get the materials they needed, and they are now running three programs in their community. They have also partnered with our Bowling Green chapter for a joint program that will begin in the next couple of months.

Ypsilanti, Michigan – The 1girl chapter is also thriving at Eastern Michigan University. The chapter received a $1,000 grant from Eastern Michigan University Women In Philanthropy to support their work! The chapter developed a partnership with the Bright Futures program, and they ran a program that began in September 2014. They are now working on planning a leadership conference for Eastern Michigan University women to be held on March 25. We will send pictures of the conference after the event.

Bowling Green, Ohio – The 1girl chapter is set up at Bowling Green State University. Partnerships are being developed with afterschool and programs in the area, and the Bowling Green chapter is working on a partnership to run a program in conjunction with our University of Toledo chapter in the coming months. The Bowling Green chapter is in the process of planning a school supply drive.

Findlay, Ohio The 1girl chapter is being set up at the University of Findlay. They expect to start working with a group of girls in September 2015. Partnerships are being developed with afterschool and programs in the area.

IMG_3799Cleveland, Ohio We have met with a staff member who may take the lead on setting up the campus chapter at Case Western Reserve University. We spoke to a group of about fifty ASPIRE alumni who are interested in being involved with the chapter in the area. We are also working with some individuals at Ursuline college to potentially start a chapter.

Their funding will continue to allow us to travel to Dayton, Akron, Athens, Cincinnati, and Kent, Ohio to continue our expansion.

We cannot thank The Pollination Project enough for their support and belief in our mission. Without them, none of this great work would have been possible!

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