Preparing for Columbus pilot program

We have had our hands full in the past few weeks preparing for our pilot program that starts next Tuesday in Columbus! We have spent a lot of time developing a curriculum that will be both challenging and fun for the girls. Once we start, we will have many updates on how things are going, what the girls are thinking, and the results of our program.

We have some really awesome activities planned for the girls, and are looking forward to getting to know them. This is going to be a great learning experience for them as well as us as we decide what works and what can be improved. In fact, part of our plan for the summer is to have the girls help design the program that we will take to Ecuador in January. Beyond that, girls will learn about topics like leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity. They will also learn with hands-on activities about global education and social responsibility.

The biggest component of the program will be the “challenge”, which they will be introduced to on the first day. The challenge will encourage the girls to think outside the box about their interests, dreams, and ideas. They will create a project around something that interests them that will also be useful in the future. In the end, they will all present their projects, and those that have been most useful to the girls will be offered continued support through resources and funding. The projects will equip them with skills like confidence, collaboration, and planning.

Many thanks again to the Clintonville Resource Center Kids’ Club for helping us to prepare and execute our pilot program this summer. They have been extremely helpful and flexible as we move forward with our plans. Since we are both new to this, we very much appreciate their ability to go with the flow!

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