Problem solving together

IMG_1677One of the things that we have found in working on the projects is that the girls are afraid to share what they are doing with each other. We wanted to have an open and honest discussion about this with the girls. They started to open up—some were IMG_1673afraid others would steal their idea and others worried that people would think their idea was stupid. We used it as an opportunity to talk about collaboration and support, and we encouraged the girls to support each other by sharing problems they were facing with their projects.

Each girl shared what she was doing for her project and challenges she is facing, and all of the girls supported, encouraged, and problem-solved together! For example, Isabelle was running into a problem because she didn’t have a charger for her iPod. Nia stepped up and offered to bring in an extra charger that she has for Isabelle to use.IMG_1669

It was great to see the girls finally step up and say what they are doing. It is clear that they are starting to gain confidence in their ideas and are growing more comfortable with each other.

In addition, the girls each got a notebook donated by our board member Krystal Geyer from TCO at OSU. They are using the notebooks to take notes from our lessons, write ideas for their projects, and write down their thoughts.

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