Project presentations

IMG_1844The girls had the opportunity to present where they are at with their projects this week! We were amazed at how well prepared and excited they were to give these updates. The staff from the Kids’ Club that were able to watch shared that “the girls were prepared, the presentations went well,  & the girls were proud of their accomplishment.”


In addition, we had guest Tanya Short from KBK Enterprises visit to watch the presentations. Ms. Short was extremely impressed by the confidence with which the girls shared their projects. In addition, she was pleased to see that each girl was pursuing something she was personally passionate about.


At the end, Ms. Short asked the girls what they want to be when they grow. Isabelle said she wants to be a photographer that travels around the world to take pictures. When Ms. Short asked if Isabelle had known that is what she wanted to do before 1girl, she answered, “I never thought about what I wanted to do before 1girl.”


We are so proud at how far these girls have come in the past couple of months. It is hard to believe that our time with them is almost done. Check back for updates on how all of  the projects turn out!

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