IMG_2249Rayne is a 6th graders who is confident and always enthusiastic. She is one of our girls who in the beginning was hard to get through to, but with time she opened up and has proven to be friendly and sweet to everyone around her.

Rayne aspires to be very successful. She doesn’t yet know what she wants to be when she grows up, but we know with her dedication, she can achieve all her goals. She shows gravitation to humanitarian issues like homelessness, violence, and poverty. Her compassion for helping others at such a young age is inspiring to the other girls. She has proven to be a leader amongst her peers by motivating them all to take action to help others.

Rayne also is an incredible performer. She is involved with the step team in her school and continuously strives to improve as a dancer. We could not be more excited to see all that Rayne accomplishes as she continues to grow and learn throughout our program and beyond. We’re confident she will make great choices in life and fulfill all her goals.

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