IMG_8355IMG_3130Reynada is a bright, energetic fifth grader who always comes to the program with positive energy and a story to tell!

On our first day at Broad Street, she very eloquently articulated leadership as “being a good example for others and helping people pursue their dreams.” Throughout this semester, she exhibited leadership through actively participating in discussions, asking thoughtful questions, and supporting her peers. Her favorite activities were those that exercised her natural talent for public speaking.

Reynada dreams of becoming a dancer or one day owning a performance school for talented people (and pets!). With her confidence, passion, and enthusiasm, we believe she is more than capable of achieving any goal she sets her mind to.

This is Reynada’s second semester going through the 1girl program, and it is evident that she has grown in her leadership skills throughout her time with us! Reynada typically does not enjoy the creative problem solving or critical thinking activities because she thinks they are either “too hard” or that she is “not good at them.” However, she has always persisted in giving them a try anyway–and to her benefit! Just this week, during our critical thinking activity, Reynada was tasked with dreaming up a world with no issues. She chose to focus on hunger, and described in great detail a service-oriented world where we provided food banks and shelter for those in need, until we ended the problem of world hunger.

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