Salvation Army Focus Group

IMG_2975This summer 1girl worked with the Salvation Army summer camp program and had a very fun and productive couple of months. With a sample curriculum in place, the girls were really happy with the program and said they want us to come back next summer! On the last day, we asked the girls to answer some questions about overall leadership, our program, and why what we teach is important.

The first question we asked them was was what they viewed as important in life. They said: family, education, college, caring for the world, and leadership (we were very happy that leadership and college were mentioned!). They viewed being a leader as an important skill because you can help others and teach others — their focus of leadership was strongly geared towards social responsibility and helping.

Within their community, they view their mothers, fathers, and teachers as leaders and in the world they viewed Michelle Obama and Oprah as people to look up to. They viewed these individuals as leaders because they make the world a better place, help others, are nice, and speak up against problems in the community.

Amirah's thoughts about what she learned in 1girl!

What Amirah learned in 1girl!

It was great to hear that these inspiring girls have a clear view on leaders and how leaders should act. It was also very exciting to hear every girl believed she is a leader, and 1girl helped her to realize this and become a better leader! During the time that we were there, they helped out in their community including projects like picking up the trash and preventing bullying. The overall favorite parts of our program were the activities about social awareness, conflict resolution, and teamwork.

As the last day with these amazing young leaders was winding to an end, they told us that they viewed 1girl as an important part of their summer that helped them develop the desire to help the world, to respect everyone, and to improve their public speaking skills. Overall, it was a very successful summer and we were very happy to work with these girls at Salvation Army summer camp. Thanks to the Salvation Army staff for collaborating with 1girl! We cannot wait to see what these girls accomplish!

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