Salvation Army Program!

image1By Kris Crews

This week kicked off the start of our facilitating at the Salvation Army with an amazing group of girls! The program focuses heavily on working with young girls and teaching them the importance of education and leadership through fun and engaging activities that allow room for self-expression.

This week we worked with about 12 girls, fourth grade and up. As the girls came in the room, we knew that this was going to be the start of something great and that made us even more excited for this program! Monday was more of an introduction time and a chance to get to know one another better. The facilitators had the girls go around the room and share their name, age, school, and favorite hobby. After that, we followed up with an icebreaker that gave the girls a chance to open up more and talk with their peers. This activity helped us facilitators talk to them easily and explain the purpose of why we are involved in the program and what we want to teach them.

On Tuesday, we went over the curriculum of the day and had the girls read our daily goals to remind them of the purpose of 1girl. We then had the girls decorate name tags so that everyone can remember each others names. This activity gave the girls a chance to talk more and to express what they like to do. To end the session, we had the girls gather in a circle and talk about why they want to be a leader and what leadership skills they want to have. The girls responses were powerful and inspiring, which helped us end the session on a high note.

The girls are already showing excitement about the rest of the program and are willing to learn more about what it takes to be a leader and why education is vitally important. We look forward to working with these girls even more and in helping 1girl grow to reach more girls who want to be leaders.

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