Salvation Army Progress: Facilitator’s Point of View

IMG_4773by Kris Crews

Thinking about people who inspire you, you may not think of a child first. But the young girls at the Salvation Army have been nothing short of inspirational to us. We are coming up on the last two weeks of facilitation and looking back on the beginning of our time with the girls, we can’t believe how fast it has gone. It has been incredible to see the growth they’ve made from the beginning until now.

The Salvation Army program started in the beginning of June. When we first met the girls, they were quiet and not open to a lot of discussion, which was something we were expecting. We know that meeting new people for the first time can be overwhelming and uncomfortable, so we gave the girls time to break out of their shells. By the next day, we saw some of the girls opening up, which influenced the other girls to speak up as well. At that moment we knew that we would enjoy this facilitating experience.

Throughout the program, we noticed that the girls liked activities that involved movements or arts and crafts. These types of activities prevented them from being passive, which was a huge plus for us. Aside from arts and crafts, other activities like the icebreakers were extremely helpful. The icebreakers allowed the girls to become more comfortable, honest, and improved their critical thinking.

It’s so great to see how much the girls have opened up and how they’ve taken time to now think about important issues that they may not have before. The most rewarding thing from from this whole experience is seeing their faces light up when we ask them about their future, what they want to be when they grow up, and when we ask them how they can be leaders. It’s so fulfilling knowing that we helped these girls take more steps in becoming leaders and more proactive.

Myself and the rest of the facilitators have no doubt that these girls will become leaders and change the world. We hope that as the girls continue to grow and learn, that they will teach others what we’ve taught them and that they can help others become positive catalysts in the world. #1girl1world

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