School Improvement Project

IMG_2643We challenged the girls at KIPP with a “School Improvement” project, and we could not be more proud of the ideas they came up with. We asked them to identify an issue they saw in their school and work together to find a solution. After a few discussions the girls all strongly agreed that bullying was the major issue that they encountered at their school. The girls brainstormed different ways they could tackle this problem. They felt that it IMG_2642begins with drama and the spreading of rumors and hateful words among one another.

To tackle this issue, the girls want to educate other students and spread the message to stop bullying. They decided to create a bulletin board at their school where they will list definitions and examples of different types of bullying. Along with the bulletin board, the girls plan on creating a wall of colorful sticky notes where any student can anonymously share their own personal story of bullying.

The girls also are going to create a survey for other girls in the school to take. They want to obtain real statistics of how many girls throughout the school have been victims of bullying. They are working on coming up with a list of questions to include in the survey. Lastly, the girls decided to prepare a short play showcasing different bullying scenarios. They are going to present the skit in a school assembly during the last week of school.

We are so excited to see the passion and motivation these girls have. They are ready and eager to make a difference in their school. We are thrilled to be pushing and supporting these brilliant girls to achieve their goals!

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