IMG_2282Shavayah is a quiet and thoughtful 6th grader. She tends to keep to herself, but when she does speak up, we know to expect an insightful, interesting, and intelligent comment. Shavayah is consistently kind and respectful to her peers, and she is very clearly a role model to many of her classmates. She stands out as a leader in our group of girls.

She is confident about what she wants to do with her life: become a veterinarian. Unlike many of our other girls with dreams, though, Shavayah has a plan to get there. She has done her research on what it takes to become a vet in Ohio, and she is definitely ready to tackle the many years of education and hard work it will take for her to get there. We could not be more excited to see all that Shavayah accomplishes as she continues to grow and learn throughout our program and beyond. We’re confident she will make great choices in life and fulfill her goals.

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