image-2By the end of the first day of the 1girl program at Broad Street, Stacey had already stood out as a sharp, ambitious eighth grader with vision. Throughout the course of the semester, she proved to be just that – and more!

During our career aspirations activity, Stacey very clearly articulated that she wanted to attend University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on a scholarship, and eventually become a doctor. She researched the academic and extracurricular skills necessary to achieve this goal, as well as the many specialties in the field of medicine (she says she might want to be an anesthesiologist!). In every activity, Stacey made her presence known by engaging fully with the facilitators and her peers.

One remarkable characteristic about Stacey was her unwillingness to let her physical disability deter her from her dreams. She inserted herself confidently into every conversation, and continues to make strides to get involved in her community.

Over the summer, Stacey plans to hang with friends, attend a summer day camp, and hopefully volunteer at her local library. She is excited to return to 1girl in the fall! When asked what her biggest takeaway from the 1girl program was, she stated that she enjoyed “meeting new people, learning new information, and improving her skills.”

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