Strengths and Weaknesses

strengths-weaknesses-sized-300x199 Many of the girls have been having issues of self-esteem and bullying, so we wanted the girls to take some time to recognize the good in each other. We had each of the girls write their names in the middle of a piece of paper. They then passed the paper to the person next to them, and that person had to write something nice about the girl whose name was in the center. Every two minutes, they again passed it to the next person. Finally, each girl got her paper back. We asked if there was anything that surprised them, and many of the girls expressed that they hadn’t known some of the things that other people considered to be their strengths.
We carried on the conversation to talk about different types of leaders and different strengths that are good for leadership. In the end, we asked the girls what they believed their personal weaknesses were. They were quick to point out each other’s weaknesses, but we quickly reminded them to think only of their own. After a while, girl after girl began raising her hand to share what she believed to be her weakness. The one thing that many of them agreed upon was that they wanted to improve their emotional maturity. “I get really mad, so that I can’t think straight,” said Tatiana. “I want to be able to control my emotions better.”
We are taking what the girls said were their weaknesses and focusing on creating programming that will address those things in the coming weeks! Keep reading the blog to see how the girls improve, grow, and learn as we go!

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